We made it to Canada!

Sorry if you’ve been worried about us! Yes – we actually did finish the Long Trail, more or less in one piece.

After all of our injuries, hiking challenges, and bad weather we lucked out with beautiful sunny days for the last five days on the trail. And it’s a good thing too! That far north, the days got noticably shorter by the end of September and we were grateful to have some sunshine and no rain during the shorter hiking hours.

We reached the monument at the US-Canadian border at the same time as three other hikers we’d spent time with along the way. So it was good fun to celebrate our accomplishments and to congratulate each other. And of course, to take lots of pictures against the backdrop of red fall maple leaves 🍁

IRL, Mike and I are back in Grenada on our sailboat, Sanitas. So I promise a blog post soon about all of the trials and tribulations involved in traveling internationally when Covid just won’t go away!

2 thoughts on “We made it to Canada!

  1. So proud of you both! Your accomplishments never cease to amaze me on one hand but don’t surprise me at all on the other. Congratulations and best wishes for another terrific sailing season! Happy holidays to you both!


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