It’s not exactly a vacation

Several of my girl friends have told me how jealous they are of my exotic tropical vacation. Well ladies, this post’s for you!

Today we arrived at the Marathon City Marina in the Keys, and it is wonderful! For $123 dollars, we get a week on a mooring ball in Boot Key Harbor and access to the marina facilities, including dinghy dock,WiFi in the lounge, a laundry room, and showers. So I took a long, hot shower for the first time since I left Marco Island eight days ago. Yep, you heard me. Ocho. Now I am not a complete savage. During that time, I have washed my hair in the galley sink, taken sponge baths, and sat in the cockpit under a trickle of cold water from a bag. But until today, I have not had a hot shower. So this was the best shower I have experienced since my last long_distance backpacking trip.

Here is the site of this amazing, even spa-like experience…

And, just for fun, here’s a pictures of the “hygiene center” where we dump the liquid from our composting toilet. Still think a cruiser’s life is glamorous? Lol…

3 thoughts on “It’s not exactly a vacation

  1. Reminds me of my young life growing up on my father’s 38-ft stinkpot (no sails)! We hauled a bunch of fellow scuba divers each trip and got a little ‘gamey’ until we’d teach our next port. Thank God for cheap Bahamian Rum and Mastic Point (Andros) punch (pineapple wine and orange juice). Not sure I could have survived otherwise! 🤗


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