My parents spend two months in Florida each winter, escaping the upstate New York snow and dreariness. They arrived the 1st of February, and over a phone call, said they were so sorry we were no longer in St Petersburg so that they could visit. I told them, “We’re in Marathon until Saturday, so you should still come see us.” And they were completely spontaneous and decided to drive six hours to see us. They must really love me!

We had a really fun visit, introducing Bill and Bev to Sanitas, giving them a glimpse of cruiser life…. oh! and using them for their vehicle so we could do our shopping and provisioning run in half the time!

Bev was a real trooper, managing the dinghy ride to the mooring ball and climb aboard Sanitas with aplomb. Guess I’ve got good adventure genes!

2 thoughts on “Visitors!

  1. YAY!!!! So glad your Mom and Dad made it on the boat!!!! What a great experience!! Love all the pictures and the blog on your travels…I even have our boys reading it now. Wishing you smooth sailing (or motoring) on your travels! God bless!


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