Launch Day !

After 8 weeks in the boat yard, we finally put our little sailboat back in the water. Talk about nerve wracking to watch a huge crane pick her up, and carry her across the yard swaying and swinging. I still can’t believe we actually splashed on December 14th – the day we just sort of threw out there months earlier when we first ordered our new fuel tank. Launching was complicated by the fact that we were waaaaaayyyy back in the corner of the boat yard, and Salt Creek needed to move several other boats around in order to get to us. Quite a complicated game of Tetris.

Speaking of fuel tanks, we finally got the new one from the Pacific Seacraft factory! Of course, nothing is ever easy, and we didn’t actually get the fittings to connect the tank to the motor. And, the tank is shaped a little bit differently than the old one, so some of the old hoses and wires don’t stretch to the new position. So it ended up a good news / bad news situation. We are in the water, but can’t actually go anywhere quite yet!

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