Hope Town Lighthouse

From Marsh Harbour, we took Albury’s ferry over to Hope Town on a mission! We were tracking down a rumor of a used dinghy for sale at a great price. Orion’s dinghy was completely shot, and they desperately needed a new form of transportation to get them through this cruising season. It didn’t have to be pretty, and it certainly didn’t have to be new, but it had to hold air for more than 15 minutes. This mission took us to the lovely Hope Town Inn and Marina. It’s the sort of beautifully landscaped and maintained resort that, if you came to visit Sanitas there, would trick you into believing that we cruisers live a glamorous life. We ate blackened fish tacos and the special “Da Stagga” rum punch by the pool while Bob and Laura of Orion inspected the dinghy and practiced their negotiating skills. Ultimately, our mission was a failure, because this dinghy was is worse shape than their own, and not even worth the $200 asking price.


It gave us the opportunity to explore the picturesque Hope Town lighthouse. It’s the only kerosene-powered lighthouse left in the world. And it is gorgeous! Painted in bold red and white stripes like a giant candy cane, in contrast to the tropical vegetation surrounding it, the lighthouse grabs your eye from the harbor, and provides amazing views from the top of its 169-step spiral staircase.

The next time I sail through The Abacos, I’d like to spend more time in Hope Town. The harbor is small, but lovely, and I get the sense there is a very strong cruiser community. Each morning, listening to the cruisers net on VHF channel 68 we’d hear about yoga classes, art exhibits, fundraisers, and pickle ball tournaments. (Capt Mike is intrigued! He ready to invest in a good pickle ball racquet)

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