Our first Visitors!

It’s been two months since we left Boulder, CO and we’ve definitely had time to miss our friends and family as we attempt to get adjusted to our new lives. In mid-November, we had our strongest supporters show up for a visit – Micki and Nathan!

These guys have believed in us since we first started talking about this crazy sailing dream. And they’ve encouraged us to go for it! Even throwing us a huge boat warming party before we left Colorado.

So maybe we were a little optimistic when we invited them to join us to celebrate putting our boat back in the water and holding a grand renaming ceremony. Huh. Three weeks in St Pete and we still have no fuel tank, no toilet, no dinghy, no…. well everything you need to have a working boat! Good think Micki and Nathan are such good sports! The spent the weekend helping us with boat projects, and may have forced us to get out and experience St Pete a bit – a very welcome break from the boat yard!

Nathan was a trooper, and finished up all of the bilge painting, somehow contorting himself into tiny spaces to make it all work.

And we checked off a big project on our list …. testing the anchor windlass, confirming that all of the anchor chain is in good condition, and marking every 25 feet of chain with a different color, to make it easy to tell how much chain we lay down in an anchorage. Micki helped me let out all 250 feet of chain, markings every segment with colorful plastic zip ties. Zzzzzzz….ippppp that noise always makes us smile!

We had a couple of portlights with torn screens – not acceptable for anchoring in the everglades and other areas where there will be lots of mosquitos! Micki took over the task of measuring, cutting, and shaping the screen frame. Then we cut screen fabric donated by a boatyard neighbor to make perfectly sized screens!

After such significant accomplishments, we deserved a little down time to explore Central Ave in St Pete, including the Emerald Bar and had wonderful charcuterie in the courtyard of our Airbnb.

On the way back to the Tampa airport, we stopped at The Getaway near the Gandy Bridge, and pretended that we were already in the Caribbean with our toes in the sand.

Thank you so much for coming to visit and for helping to make our dreams real!

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