Our First Real Taste of Paradise

So far, our Bahamas journey has taken us to the islands of Bimini and Great Harbour Cay. But it wasn’t until we made it to the mid-Berries, anchored between Devil’s Cay and White Cay, that we really felt that we’d made it to an island paradise.

Trish, of SV Elixir, had caught her first yellowfin tuna on the sail over. So we all gathered in the cockpit of Leef Nu for a lesson on cleaning and filleting this beautiful fish. Kevin made it all look very easy, and Trish ended up with four huge loins, and some odd sized pieces. Plenty for sushi and for cooking!

Thanks to travel tips from Todd and Celia on SV Eileen, we had more than enough ideas for things to do within a short dinghy ride of the anchorage. We anchored in a fairly shallow pool of turquoise blue water, surrounded by small uninhabited islands covered in jungle greenery and ringed with white sand beaches (hence the name White Cay). Capt. Mike and I couldn’t stop grinning at each other saying “Now THIS is what they advertised in the travel brochure!”

Our first adventure was a short hike to the Blue Hole on Hoffman’s Cay; an almost perfectly round lake of saltwater in the middle of the island, surrounded by cliffs filled with caved and gnarled greenery. Only Capt. Mike and Jeff had the courage to leap off the cliffs into the super salty water (that of course went straight up their noses) but we all took the opportunity to cool off with a snorkel with a sea turtle.

And then we threw ourselves a beach party worthy of a Corona beer commercial. On teeny tiny Big Gaulding Cay, we found an equally teeny tiny pristine sand beach equipped with a small camp: fire pit, wooden table, and beach chairs. Leef Nu brought a cast iron pan, charcoal, and some fresh snapper, Elixir brought some of that delicious tuna, and the crew of Sanitas, who have yet to catch a fish, contributed brie and crackers and a scrumptious quinoa and black olive salad. Kevin manned the fire, and together we created a veritable feast of seared and fried fish, salads, and the requisite cold beers and rum drinks.

There was even a perfectly placed coconut palm tree grown right through the middle of the table with coconuts just mature enough to provide delicious coconut water. Lo and behold, Kevin had brought along a machete (yes, really!) so we could put da lime in da coconut and drink it all up.

You know, a beach day in the Bahamas really doesn’t get any better than this, and we’re lucky to have found good friends (who can actually catch fish!) to share it with.

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