6 thoughts on “Capt Mike in a hole

  1. It appears that Mike has removed the cover so that you cannot keep him in there all the time.

    Overall, it’s good to see these posts on maintenance. Everyone’s got maintenance work to do though your safety relies more on your effort. We went out a few times on Dan’s boat to go fishing, island exploring, and just boating for fun. Each time we went out it seemed the routine of getting the boat out of the garage, hooking up, sliding the boat off at the ramp, and enjoying the day out on the gulf was also met with returning the boat to its trailer, cleaning, car-wash for the boat to rinse off salt water, flushing the engine, re-fueling, etc., etc., and was somewhat similar to our recreation vehicle routine of setting up camp and breaking it down each time we relocated. However, your kind of sailboat maintenance is quite different with so many systems of systems required for travel and safety.

    Now how many different projects is Mike working on down below decks?


    Tom L.


    • We are pretty much done with all the necessary projects. I think the only important one remaining is to take apart the winches and clean them and grease them so they function smoothly for this season. Although it rained really hard today, and I counted three new (albeit small) leaks. I think we’ll just have to live with them!


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