After we finally escaped from the pirates…

I wish I had a good excuse like getting captured by pirates for why I haven’t written a blog post in so long.

Do you want to know what really happened? We came back home. To land. In the good old US of A. And life on land is very distracting. There’s cars and road trips. Restaurants and happy hours. Friends and concerts. Family and card games. And somehow the cruising life on little old Sanitas seems very far away, and blogging doesn’t seem very important.

But now …. we’re back in the boatyard in Florida, working on boat projects and getting ready to set out on our second season of cruising. Hip Hip Hooray! I’m going to post a few quick updates to catch you up on “What I did on my summer vacation” and then it’s back life in the boatyard. (And making you very happy that you are reading this blog from someplace with heat and/or air conditioning, running water, and flush toilets. Ahhhh…..)

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