Visitors (part two)

Anne and Tony are friends from when we all lived in North Yorkshire in England. This fall, they also sold everything, and moved onto their adorable RV, Betty Ford. When they learned we were in southern Florida, they changed their plans to visit us in St Pete. Lots of fun to cook dinner together, catch up on stories of friends and travel, and even to work together! They have a goal of volunteering as they travel. On this stop, they helped us repair a leaky deck fitting, and pull hoses for a bilge pump project. Thanks Anne and Tony!

We choose a beautiful blue sky day to go for a sail on a Tampa Bay. Unfortunately, it was only a 35 degree day! We bundled up in literally ALL our clothes, and were pretty much the only boat out on the water. Anne and Tony were great sports, and stuck it out with us. But we did decide to come back to shore and heat for lunch!

thanks for visiting, for cooking us delicious Thai Curry and Lamb Meatballs, and for sailing with us and helping with projects! And good luck on your own journeys!

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