2 thoughts on “The Sunshine State?

  1. Hi Mike & Jenn! Enjoying reading your blog site your Dad sent us. HA, HA, HA….didn’t we tell you in all the years we’ve been coming to FL (our 14th this year) some winters can be REALLY cold?!?!?! We probably left that out 🙂 Hope you have an amazing journey and we’ll be checking in to see how things are going. We’ve been in FL since New Year’s Eve this year so we’ve lived through the real cold days and nights here in Wildwood. Couldn’t believe I was out walking in my hooded winter coat, scarf, and gloves! Looking forward to your parents arriving this coming week. We’re hosting Super Bowl this year. Allen already went over to ‘Aw Shucks’ to check out the oysters but he didn’t like the price so went back to his old haunt in Leesburg. Well, stay warm, it’s got to be getting better now especially where you’re headed. Smooth sailing! Hugs, Elaine & Allen


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